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    Where the tradition of Portuguese cuisine meets the modern art of cooking hamburgers. Every day.

Since 1955

The history of this space is told in each one of its corners. Discover the 65 year history of this place.

Always open

If we were in the year 1955, our restaurant would be Mr. Brito's dairy. It is true! And that's where our name comes from. To this we have added the desire to create and serve typical Portuguese hamburgers, exploring the richness and quality of national products and the creativity of the traditional cuisine of some Portuguese regions. We'll be waiting for your visit.

The Place

Our place keeps alive the memory of the life and the lives that have passed and still passing here. From the original counter of the fifties, to the furniture, exposed objects, more or less contemporary details, or to the use of traditional and Portuguese materials in the architecture of the place, Estaminé 1955 honors above all the memory of the portugality that here has lasted and continues to last.


We care to present the maximum quality in every detail of our service, from the food, to the treatment, to the cleaning of the space, to the environment or to the comfort of our clients. We want the time spent by our customers in our space to be unforgettable.

Portuguese Taste

Our offer is made of unique combinations of Portuguese flavors, using only fresh and quality unexpected selected ingredients. When visiting us you will find our burgers, but also our starters, salads, desserts and drinks.

The Burguers

  • Estaminé 1955

    150 gr of steak, sautéed cabbage, portobello mushroom and crust of cheeses in “Madeira” bread
  • Tripeiro

    150 gr of steak, sausage, smoked sausage, ham, cheese, fried egg with tripeiro sauce (homemade) on brioche burger bread
  • Barrancos em Piso Alentejano

    150 gr of steak, arugula, caramelized apple, purple sliced onion, bacon and coriander-based sauce in Madeira bread
  • Galo de Barcelos

    150 gr of chicken with smoked poultry sausage, sautéed turnip greens, caramelized onion, cheese and fried egg on brioche burger bread
  • Portugal dos Grandes

    150 gr of steak, trilogy of lettuces and coriander, tomato, cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onion and fried egg on brioche burger bread
  • Portugal dos Pequeninos

    70 gr of steak, trilogy of lettuces and coriander, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, ham, caramelized onion and quail egg on mini hamburger brioche bread
  • Vegetariano

    Horta do Monte

    150 gr chickpeas and carrots, sautéed spinach, mozzarella cheese, fried onion ring and lemon mayo on brioche burger bread
  • New

    Casal das Olas

    150 gr of red beans, caramelized onions, tomatoes and celery marinade in “Madeira” bread
  • New

    Quintal da Brandôa

    150 gr of beets, sautéed turnip greens, pumpkin, mushrooms, onion and sesame seeds on brioche burger bread

Come Here / We Go There

Take Away and Home Delivery by Estaminé 1955.

Orders Come Here (Take Away):
Telemóvel / WhatsApp: (+351) 911 190 706
Telefone: (+351) 212 970 370

Payments Come Here (Take Away): MB Way

Orders We Go There (Home Delivery):
Uber Eats, Glovo, noMENU

    Our Services

    We offer you a series of special services and initiatives so that you do not miss the opportunity to taste our delicacies and special products.


    Make your reservation through the Zomato reservation service, or through our Facebook and Instagram pages and guarantee your table.


    Make your reservation and guarantee your company / group lunch / dinner through the (+351) 212 970 370.

    At home

    If you do not come to Estaminé, Estaminé will come to you. Order your burgers from monday through sunday using Uber Eats.


    If you want to reserve our space for events or other type of initiative consult us through


    We are open from monday to monday, so you can enjoy our space on any day of the week.


    Throughout the year we promote and make part of several gastronomic routes, so be aware of our social networks.


    Throughout the year we have created several seasonal products, so be aware of our disclosures so you do not lose them.

    Happy Hours

    Stay tuned for our announcements and promotions, which accompany major national events and events.